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Last year was the first year I had a toddler while gardening and I loved it!  My daughter found such delight in the garden!  I planted the garden without even realizing that a kiddo as young as 1 would actually want to help me out!  Here are 10 quick tips for designing a garden that your kiddos will love!

10 Tips for planning a garden your kids will love!


  1. Plant food that they can eat as you pick it.  Cherry tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries kids can pick on their own without help.  Penelope was helping herself to these treats when she only 13 months old!  Beans, peas, strawberries, etc.  you can eat right off the plant but teach your kids they have to ask you for help before picking these.  A whole bean plant can easily be yanked out the ground by an eager kid!
  2. Plant fun veggies that change colors when you cook them! Or better yet ones that change your tongue color when you eat them! Dragon Tongue beans are a fun purple and cream color that turn a paler shade when cooked.  Purple broccoli and purple beans turn green when cooked too.  Kids will be amazed!  Try Blue Podded Peas and your kids tongues will turn bright purple!
  3. Leave a spot in the garden or better yet the yard that your kiddo can dig in year round.  This is something I highly recommend if you have a toddler.  They love digging and  this will keep they from digging up your plants if you give them their “own garden”.
  4. Consider planting some things from seed so they can see the plants emerging from the ground and growing!  Beans, squash, cucumber, pumpkin and melons are easy to direct sow in the garden and quick to take off.
  5. Think about adding a few sunflowers into your garden.  Kids will be interested in them just because of their shear size and older kids will be interested to see the flowers follow the sun throughout the day.  Plus the seeds make great snacks!

    10 tips for planning a garden your kids will love!

    Penelope eating Dragon’s tongue beans!

  6. Plant some buried treasure…I mean potatoes.  Harvesting potatoes is like digging for hidden treasure for kids!
  7. Consider the size of the garden if you want kids to be able to reach everything in it.  A 3 ft by 8 ft garden is great for kids!
  8. Plant the rainbow….purple peppers, red tomatoes, yellow beans, green peas, blueberries. You get the idea!  Make it a game for them to find each color.
  9. Include them in the planning process! Next week I will be posting a kid coloring garden planning activity that I made! 🙂
  10. Most importantly plan to spend time in the garden with your kids!  Do not stress about getting the garden just right… just enjoy it with them.  They will grow up of memories of spending time in the garden with Mommy or Daddy that are priceless.

What is your favorite moment in the garden with your kids?  I would love to feature your garden with your kiddos enjoying it…just drop me a note HERE.


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