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How to Plant Tomatoes?

How to Plant Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are pretty hard plants….you can pretty much plant them any way you want and you won’t kill them. End of post.  Just Kidding!! While they are hardy, by planting tomatoes the right way you can ensure you have a deep root system, ensure they are sturdy enough to hold up gobs of tomatoes and increase your harvest! Sounds awesome right?! So lets begin…how to plant tomatoes?

How to Plant Tomatoes! (more…)

How to grow watermelons in Seattle or anywhere else!

How to grow watermelons in Seattle or anywhere else!

I picked my last two watermelons from my garden…yes in November. Last year I picked my last watermelon at Thanksgiving and we ate it on Thanksgiving day!


Most people believe you cannot grow watermelons in the Pacific Northwest or that they are difficult to grow in most areas…I would like to prove them wrong 😉 This is my 3rd year growing them and we harvested melons from early August to now. What are my secrets?

1. Full sun helps a ton. My front yard has no trees nothing so my plants basked in the sun 100% of the time in the summer.
2. Lots of water or if you can mulch mulch mulch so you can get away with minimal watering saving yourself a big fat bill.  You might get some snails visiting….they can leave cool imprints on your watermelons…

3. If you have a rockery plant the watermelons right next to it…the rocks will keep the melons warm at night. No rockery? You could experiment with putting down some  pavers/bricks, they should absorb the heat during the day and release it at night. If you have a rockery make sure they don’t grow in the cracks or hide behind plants like these gems below!


4. Knowing when they are done- this one is hard. Some say it is when they sound hollow. Others say it is the sound and when they turn yellow on the bottom. I have waited for both and picked unripe melons! So I error on the safe side and wait a little longer but before the vine dies. If you wait til the vine dies typically they are a little overripe. I also pay close attention to the seed pack as to how long it is supposed to take to mature. Maturity varies greatly.
5. If you want to enjoy watermelons for a few months plan 2 different varieties. I planted Seed Savers Exchange Organic Moon and Stars which takes 95 days to maturity.  Then I chose a shorter maturity plant Seed Savers Exchange Organic Petite Yellow which matures in 65-80 days.  Seed packets should last you a few years… my 3 year old Moon and Stars germinated just fine this year.

Now back to the watermelons I picked today…unfortunately I was about 3 days too late picking….temperatures dropped to freezing and I didn’t think about the melons starting to freeze!  See pic below.  Luckily only part of the rind froze- the part that was not resting on or against the rocks…yep those big ol’ rocks kept my melons from freezing completely.  Haha 🙂