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WS Chicken Delivery

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month Terraganics Living offers Baxter Barn chicken products delivered to West Seattle.  Pick up is at 49th Ave SW & SW Dakota St from 5-6:30pm (exact address provided after ordering).

Next delivery is November 15th with an ordering cut off of Tuesday, November 14th.  Orders can be placed HERE or by call Krista at 206-755-0809.

Cash/check/Paypal. Credit card accepted with a 3% fee.  Available products are as follows plus tax.

Items I keep in stock every day are oyster shell, mealworms and scratch. If you want to order something I have in stock outside of the normal monthly pick up time please email me at krista@terraganicsliving.com or call/text me at 206-755-0809.

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*NEW*  Chicken Feeders and Waterers!

Free Range Aluminum Poultry Drinker waterer $30+tax

  • Helps keep water cool and clean
  • Constant water maintained by vacuum
  • Stopper must be air tight to perform properly
  • Holds 2 gallons of water
  • Handles up to 32 Birds




Chicken Feeders 7lbs $10+tax OR 10lbs $15+tax

Made from long-life plastic, this open-top feeders is designed for fast filling, easy cleaning and minimal waste of feed thanks to the no-scratch-out twist lock base. 7 lbs feeds 5-15 birds.  10lbs feeds 15-25 birds.







Pine Bedding 3.25 cubic feet $14.99

*NEW* Agricultural Lime 50lb bag $14.99

Oyster Shells $1 per pound

Chicken Scratch $10 per 10 lb bag A great treat for your ladies!


Baxter Barn Starter Feed 50lb bag $29.99  (use for the first 8 weeks of chicks life approx)Starter

Baxter Grower Feed 50lb bag $28.99 (use for 8 weeks to 5mo approx)

Photo coming soon

Baxter Barn Layer Pellet Feed 50lb bag $27.99  (Feed for 5 months and older…laying hens)


Baxter Barn Crumble Feed (Ration) 50lb bag $27.99  (Feed for 5 months and older…laying hens)

layer pellet

Mash 45lb bag $32.99

Provides max absorption when fermented or soaked.  Fermentation improves its enzyme content and increases level of Vitamins B, C & K.  It also make food more digestible and boosts usable protein level by about 12%.


Mealworms 20oz $17.99

Recommended as a treat 1 Tablespoon or less a day per chicken to maintain egg production when you are providing non soy feed.

Baxter Barn Immune Boost $13.99

A water soluble source of vitamins, trace minerals, electrolytes, and beneficial bacteria, formulated to help keep chicks and chickens healthy during stress.

Grit 50lb bag $14.99

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 50lb bag $34.99 …used for gardening pests like slugs and dust baths for chickens.  A little about pros and cons on DE for chickens HERE.

Fake Eggs $3 per egg ….outsmart your egg eaters!!

If you are looking for a product not listed or have a question please contact Krista at krista@terraganicsliving.com