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Coaching and Planning

Terraganics Living’s goal is to make edible gardening easier for you whether that means answering questions & providing advice at your home or creating a full plan with layout for you to follow.  You don’t need to know what you want to get started, I am flexible!  Start with a one hour coaching and consultation appointment and we can go from there!

One hour visits include:

-Assessment of site with recommendations for edible plant locations if location is not already established or not ideal

-Gain an understanding of your experience level in order to provide custom advice for you to succeed

-Review any previous challenges you have had (if you have previously gardened) and provide ways to remedy or prevent them this year

Full Plans include:

-Begins with a one hour visit

-Layout of edible areas so you know where to plant

-Schedule of when to plant and whether to start from seed or buy starts

-Directions customized based off your level of experience and what you specifically want in your garden

-Information on rotation, succession planting and more

-Recommendations on where to buy seeds, plants, soil and more

-Ends with a one hour visit to review the plan and answer any questions you may have!