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For the last couple of weeks we have been struggling with an egg eater.  Yep chicken eating their own eggs and other chicken eggs!  It was getting bad…for 8 birds sometimes we were only getting 2-3 eggs a day that were not cracked!  So we knew we had to figure it out and pretty quick so others don’t catch on.

We knew their diet was not lacking nutrients so we moved on to other ways to address the problem..

We have examined their faces but our perpetrator is a smooth one and shows no trace of the crime on its face!

We tried golf balls but atlas they are too smart.

Mustard in an egg?  We tried that too!  Our perpetrator liked the mustard and there was no trace of the mustard or egg!

Then about 5 days ago we got some fake eggs and treat dispensing balls.  We broke out the GoPro too, things were getting serious.  The first day with fake eggs was a success!  7 eggs  and not one broke!  The next day one broken egg but the GoPro wasn’t filming when it happened.  We captured about 2 hours of video a day…this went until Day 4.  Then finally on the 5th day I watched Day 4s footage…we caught our perpetrator!  (We hope it is only one!  Based off all the videos only one bird showed egg eating habits.)

So here is our criminal caught in the act… Listen to with sound to get the full effect!  OUR EGG EATER!

The fate of this bird is to be determined!!!  We have a few options…

  1. Wait to see if the behavior continues to decline with the use of fake eggs…it is already a couple days after this footage was taken and we have one broken egg every other day about.  So we are getting 5-6 eggs for 8 birds a day.
  2. Try out some Pinless Peepers recommended by another chicken owner!  They don’t allow the chicken to see directly ahead so they cannot peck the eggs. Check them out HERE.
  3. Separate the bird for awhile.  Only problem here is it is the largest one…an Australorp so I am concerned our cage isn’t big enough.
  4. Cull and eat the bird.

What would you do???!!!  Take a vote below in comments!



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