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Garden Planning Fun for Kids!

Garden Planning Fun for Kids!

Do your kids love to color?  Use a glue stick?  Then they will like this garden planning activity! Plus they will love they actually will have a say to what gets planted in the garden!!!

First of all print off a kid garden bed template.  I have created a 3’x8′ or 4’x8′ foot one.  See my post on planning a kid friendly garden to see why I think 3’x8′ is best 🙂 Print off the veggie coloring sheets below too!

Click below for templates:  (Print in landscape not portrait)

Childrens template 4’x8′

Children’s template 3’x8′

Coloring Sheets

Once you have them printed you will need a pair of scissors to trim off a little on the left size of page 2…like this.

Children's Garden Planning fun!

You will then tape or glue together page 1 & 2 like



Next it is time for the kids to color what veggies or fruits they want in their garden!!  Once the coloring is complete it is time to cut out the squares….everything is scaled for easy square foot gardening!  In each square there is a number with the vegetables name…that number is how many of that type goes in the area.  Example the beets box shows 16 so you would plant 4 rows of with 4 beets in each row in that one square foot.  Simple right?  Ok back to the kids…I just wanted to point out you really can use this to plan out your garden!!

After you have the squares cut out have the kids arrange them on the template and glue them in place for a final garden plan that looks something like this……..

Garden Planning Activity for Kids!

I would love to see what garden plans your kids come up with!  Submit them to me via email HERE and I will feature them on a future post!


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