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Healthy Living

The products you use and eat are important to your health! Check out some of my must haves for a healthy lifestyle.


Starting in June 2017 we will be hosting a drop spot for Trillum’s à la- arte vegetable CSA!

Trillium Farm is an all natural 23-acre farm in the Pilchuck River Valley outside of Granite Falls, WA. Skyler, Janessa, and Katherine have been building a farmstead and bringing the land into greater production and fertility. They have also been supporting the local wildlife by replanting the forest, restoring the fish spawning habitat in our creek, and adding nesting boxes for swallows in the pasture. In 2016 they had a variety of vegetables and duck eggs for sale, and hope to expand their offerings for 2017.  For more information visit them at https://www.trilliumfarmwa.com/



Collins Fruit CSA — Delivered!

Starting in June we will be hosting the Collins Family Orchards’ CSA again (our 4th year!), Collin’s program is designed to save you time and money — while supporting a local, family-run orchard!  It is seriously the best fruit we have ever eaten!

Sign up is now open!  You can find our site in 98116 under Staudacher.  There are a lot of other drop as well in greater Seattle.  http://collinsfamilyorchards.com/csa-delivery.php

Organic Skincare, Health and Beauty

Discover what the world over is falling in love with: Neal’s Yard Remedies! The very best certified organic, high quality and effective skincare out of the UK created for over 35 years by a stellar fair trade, carbon neutral, ethical, cruelty free, family owned company. I sell Neal’s Yard Remedies on my NYR site here:


Join my team sharing the organic love here: