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So you have successfully mastered starting your plants from seeds this year…so successful they are crazy huge and your seedlings are flowering too early!  It is still too cold to put them in the ground so what should you do?!

Seedlings Flowering too early?Seedlings Flowering too Early

Ok so first of all what could be causing your seedlings to be flowering too soon?  And should you be a little concerned and take action?

Seedlings can start to flower because simply they have matured enough…they have reached the point in their life they are ready and you are not ready to plant them.  Another reason seedlings could start to flower is because of stress-  lack of nutrients, incorrect lighting or being too root-bound in their pots.  If your plants are flowering due to stress you can make changes like up potting them, fertilizing them and ensuring they have enough light.  If your plants are flowering because it is simply time their lifecycle then make a note for next year… plant the seeds a little later.    If your flowering problem is tomatoes

or tomatillos flower see if you can drop the temperature in the evening where you are growing them to just below 50 degrees.  This should help curb the flowering.

Now that you know the reasons that your seedlings may be flowering, why should you take action and stop them?!  You want the plant to continue to focus it energy on growing leaves (vegetation) and its root system not producing vegetables.  Once the plant is established in the ground or final pot then it can start producing. Plus if they are in your basement, garage or an enclosed greenhouse they will not be properly pollinated.  I think this may be why this flower below looks so funky…Seedlings flowering too early?

So gently with thumbnail and pointer finger snip off all the blossoms.  I know it is a little sad to do it but there will be many more blossoms to come!


Let me know what other problems or questions you have as you start your 2015 garden!  I am ready to answer them!

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