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IMG_23091. Organic: You control what is canned! You can pick organic fruits and can then in a low sugar base syrup vs corn syrup (eww!).
2.  Freezer Space: You save freezer space. Not everyone has room for a chest freezer or the desire to have one. By canning you avoid filling up more freezer space. If you live in an area where power is lost frequently too this is another bonus.
3. The Flavor: Canned fruit and veggies in a glass mason jar are taste better than the canned ones at the store by far!
4. The Memories: Cracking open a jar of your own canned food often brings back memories… maybe you picked the fruit at an orchard with your kids or you had a great time nurturing that particular veggie along that year.
5. Be Prepared: If natural disaster strikes you will be well stocked with food to eat!  Seriously our friends mention if there is one they are coming to our house! 🙂
6. Less Time Shopping: Canned foods on hand will mean less shopping at the grocery store. Salsa, tomatoes, green beans etc…all right there.
7. Gifts: Canned goods make awesome gifts!  If you have an unexpected party come up you can take a few decorated cans instead of a bottle of wine!
8. Reduce waste: You can reduce the amount of waste or recycling in your house.  Mason jars can be used over and over for years and you can buy reusable canning lids called Tattlers.
9.  Your Health: You can eliminate BPA from your canned goods since the jars are glass and the lids are BPA free!
10. Money, Money: Yes save money!  Do you know how much organic canned food is?  It can get pricey! 
Hope these reasons get you thinking about starting to can!!
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